Hello and Thank you for your interest in The Vex-Wing Fighter.

It wouldn't have all come together without the help of Jason Davies to be the most awesome Heavy Defense Single Person Craft.

By purchasing your instructions for the Vex-Wing, you are joining an Elite Defense Force to help protect the galaxy from serious outside threats.


The Vex-Wing originated from a diverse design team from engineers from all around the universe. Some were remnants of a rag tag space fleet who found their way to the Zonian Home Galaxy. And others were from a galaxy far away. They put their heads together in the late hours one night and put a design on the drawing board. It was rather a hectic time when they built the first prototypes. But as one situation settled down, they were able to get the parts they needed for mass production. Lacking funding for a factory, they were amiss to get everything up and rolling until the President of a well known fuel company stepped in and helped with funding.

The Zonian Air Guard or ( Z.A.G.) is now in full production and crafts are rolling out daily. Welcome aboard!

PRICE: $10.95 USD

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